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We believe young adults can help I Care I Cure achieve its mission to help children.  One of the ways that I Care I Cure hopes to raise awareness and research funds is through a network of I Care I Cure Service Clubs across the country.  An innovation of the I Care I Cure Foundation, the I Care I Cure Service Clubs inspires students to engage in community service at a younger age so that community involvement becomes an enjoyable and integral part of their lives. Students can select community service projects that relate to helping children living or dealing with cancer as well as other projects that are a priority for their communities such as street clean-ups or working in a homeless shelter.  Wherever help is needed, the I Care I Cure kids are a volunteer core of young people that can be counted on to lend a hand.  In addition, I Care I Cure Clubs provide an opportunity for young adults to engage in leadership building skills.

What is the I Care I Cure Service Club?

Another important role of the I Care I Cure Clubs is to raise funds for the I Care I Cure Foundation to fund research to find gentler cures for childhood cancer.  Monies raised will help cancer patients have a better quality of life, during and after cancer treatment.  Kids who establish I Care I Cure Service Clubs can take pride in the fact that their efforts will help thousands of children.  They will be able to say that they made a difference in curing childhood cancer!

Area Chapters of I Care I Cure Student Service Clubs:

Western High School        President:  Benji Leach

University School Middle School        Teacher Advisor:  Jaimee Glazer

University School High School      President:  Michelle Podolnyy

City of Plantation Student Service Club     Harrison Krimsky (Membership is open to any student in Plantation)

Cypress Bay High School     President:  Gabi Gorwitz

Nova High School   Founder: Dylan Kahn

Dunwoody High School   Co-Founding Presidents:  Jenna Hogan and Gabby Bloomberg

Dartmouth College   President:  Brendan Krimsky

Indiana University  President:  Jay Aolbaz

I Care I Cure I Create  Stoneman Douglas High School is a service project created in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of Evan Steinberg and the I Care I Cure. The project provides activities for pediatric cancer patients at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The I Create project allows pediatric cancer patients to paint, draw, be creative and express themselves while at the hospital. Volunteer opportunities include gathering art supplies and attending monthly activities for the patients. If you are looking to get involved please contact Evan Steinberg at

Start Your Own Service Club in Your School or Community…..
I Care I Cure Service Clubs can honor a friend or relative who is battling or has battled childhood cancer or can be formed just because kids want to join together to do some good.  In cases where children have lost a friend or relative to childhood cancer, the clubs offer students a healthy outlet for dealing with their feelings.

Any person can start a club, even if they do not have a personal connection to a person impacted by cancer.  It can be a way to pay tribute to all children who have or will fight this disease.

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