Uncle Glenn’s 2016 Ride Take him from Arizona to New Orleans!

Uncle Glenn’s 2016 Ride will take him from Arizona to New Orleans!

Uncle Glenn is “gearing” up for his next challenging solo bicycle ride to benefit I Care I Cure.  The ride will begin on October 30, 2016 departing from Phoenix, Arizona.  He will pedal though southern Arizona and New Mexico, ride many days through the very large state of Texas with the final destination being New Orleans!!  This is the longest trip that Uncle Glenn and Aunt Lynn have undertaken since beginning these fundraising rides in 2009.  It is 1500+ miles in about three weeks.  You can follow the ride and support Ian’s Uncle Glenn by checking out the I Care I Cure I Cycle Blog site : icareicureicycle.blogspot.com
Let us know if you are in these areas and want to join Uncle Glenn!

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